How to Donate Online

All donations are welcome and deeply appreciated. Please read here about our goal for the fund. Donate by going to the website listed below in the banner. Please note: This will direct you to another website.  Be sure to select "Elizabeth A. Sorrell Memorial Scholarship Fund" from the scroll down menu. You will have to fill out a short form. After donating, you will receive an email from the Community Foundation that serves as your official tax receipt. Please retain this for your records.Thank you so much for your support. Please click here to read a special thank you message from Liz's daughters.

Website Link for Donating Online

Don't forget to read above instructions before going to the banner below and clicking on the red donation link button.

Donations by Check

Click here to donate by check

Otherwise, go to banner below to donate online.

Website Link for Donation to Fund: Please read above instructions first.